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By DJCaladia in Conspiracy, Music, spirituality

In my continuing quest to find new conspiracy/revolutionary music for my Get Pissed & Rise Above radio station I found X-Ray Poetz.  Their style is like no other I’ve heard; intelligent lyrics to David Bowie(ish) background beats and music among other interesting elements. Really, they are very good! :) Take a listen to Dollar A Year Man and Terrorist but be careful, they might piss you off!


By DJCaladia in Conspiracy, Music, spirituality, UFO's

Today, 9/11 in 2014, I just launched my new radio station on Live365 called Get Pissed & Rise Above.  For the last week I’ve been working overtime putting together the music in a carefully crafted harmonic (using the Camelot Wheel System & Virtual DJ) playlist so I can offer the best listening experience considering so many genres are included.  I’ve been collecting these songs for quite some time and I hope listeners, especially others Truthers of all kinds, will appreciate what I’ve put together.  :)

This idea of an uplifting conspiracy radio station (if that is even possible) was born many years ago after spending two long years researching 9/11 and other related conspiracies.  It was through the process of learning about and considering such amazing and many times valid ideas that I ended up shedding some of my old dear beliefs (it really was quite depressing and liberating simultaneously.) At the time I would frequently search for professional music that a Seeker like me could relate to and I rarely found what I was looking for.  After all these years I now have enough songs to start this station. Yeehaw!

My path of learning about conspiracy and then how to “spiritually” understand it included teachings from David Icke, David Wilcock, Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Dolores Cannon and Dr. Steven M. Greer to only name a few.  They all have different but related perspectives about reality, the role of conspiracy and consciousness and I’ve given all their teachings considerable thought and have formed my own intriguing, unique and valid, intuitive understanding of all this crazy stuff!

The good news is that I feel happy and at home in this current life of mine after this “Journey Through Many Perspectives” and I hope that many more can extract such empowerment from the seemingly negative world of conspiracy! :)


DJ Caladia

P.S. Here is a song that is included on my new station!!! I found this one recently and it makes me smile!  Take a listen to Higher Purpose by Danegurous

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By DJCaladia in Conspiracy, Music, spirituality, UFO's

Quite compelling movie I must say. Another must see…. ;)

Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

And Did They Listen?

A look back at Earth…from the future. Hidden in plain sight, for decades, the most important story in human history. On a mission – from the depths of space – one man risked his life to reveal the long hidden, ancient secrets to the people of Earth. Overcoming millennia of religious intrigues, political suppression and numerous assassination attempts, Billy Eduard Albert Meier, the prophet of the new time, brought the eternally true spiritual teaching with its promise of true love, peace, freedom and harmony. The long foretold prophecies and predictions of wars, environmental disasters and social upheaval had already begun and humankind was offered one final chance to rewrite its future history. The only scientifically proven UFO contact case. Still ongoing for over 72 years. This is what the UFO cover-up is really about. You don’t need to believe. You need to know.

And may I present a wonderful song to dedicate to these ideals brought forth in this movie! (YouTube)

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By DJCaladia in Motorcycling

I bought a new 2013 Suzuki Gladius not too long ago and every time I’m home I’ve been squeezing in a nice ride.  I’ve learned very quickly that a naked bike is really “fun” on the open highway at high speeds, not to mention when negotiating a simultaneous strong breeze.  And because of this crazy “fun” I thought it might be even more “fun”, in a not so dangerous way, to install a good looking windscreen to have it’s own “fun” deflecting the wind from my chest. Here are some before and after pics!!!

DJ Caladia's 2013 Suzuki GladiusDJ Caladia's 2013 Suzuki Gladius DJ Caladia's 2013 Suzuki Gladius




DJ Caladia's 2013 Suzuki GladiusDJ Caladia's 2013 Suzuki Gladius








DJ Caladia's 2013 Suzuki Gladius DJ Caladia's 2013 Suzuki Gladius






Oh, and I found a new motorbike metal tune to share!  Here is Return of the Warlord by Manowar!!! :) (YouTube)


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Smashed Up!!!

May 5, 2013
By DJCaladia in Life, Music, Trucking

I am currently recovering from a good ankle smash!!! Hardly ever do we (OTR truckers) have to touch our own freight in the line of duty but on that fateful day I was unloading my trailer with a hard to control electric pallet jack.  The “how to” part was easy (I have years of forklift experience).  The task was easy.  The steering mechanism wasn’t so nice.  The flour on the floor didn’t help either.  The manager felt it might have contributed to the pallet jack slipping out of control when I tried to steer it, at slow speed, under the pallet. In any case, it whipped out of control toward the wall and my left foot was smashed between the wall and the electric pallet jack. OUCH doesn’t begin to cover it!  The initial pain was so bad I was overwhelmed and thought for sure I had broken my ankle.  I hopped out of the trailer and yelled for help because no one was around.  Then I laid there on the ground in anguish describing, in my best technical tone, exactly what was going on, pain signal by pain signal.  Soon I realized that I could move my ankle up down forward and back, which was the first indication that it might not be broken.  The pain eventually went from a 9 to a steady level 5 as the swelling began but I soon realized I couldn’t put pressure on it.  I hopped over to the office and began all the necessary phone calls and an hour or so later my mom and I (a miracle she was riding with me at the time) were in a cab headed to a clinic for x-rays!  I dared not take my shoe off because we thought it might be keeping the swelling down so I didn’t see my foot until after we were at the clinic.  It turned out I had baseball sized bruises (pics) on either side of my ankle (diagnosis was contusion) and with that, the reality of my situation was starting to sink in;  I wouldn’t be able to use my foot to drive or even walk for at least a week, more likely longer.  At least the x-rays showed nothing was broken (another complete miracle in every way) and since my mom was with me we were able to, the very same night, to literally, get a rental, clean out my truck, and get 3 hours out of town to sleep for the night.  I must have been going on adrenalin that day but I’m so glad I made the push to get home as soon as I could (was an 11 hour drive). Crutches have been a bitch but I’m getting used to them.  A couple of little crutch accidents, causing my left foot to touch the floor, have reminded me that they are still absolutely necessary at this point.  I’m not feeling any pain otherwise and, for the most part, I’m keeping my leg elevated and today I’ve seen the 1st signs of the bruising starting to diminish just a little.  Well, that is that as they say.  I can’t say I’m not enjoying my time at home for now but soon, I was informed, I will have to go on light duty at work until I fully recover.  Part of that recovery time will be spent in Missouri though because I have a planned vacation coming up.  I really hope I have a boot and can walk a little by then!  Both my aunts and uncles and grandma are all in Missouri now and my mom and I are flying out for five days to visit. Then we will drive my grandma and her dog back to Vegas so she can stay a month here.  The second half of my vacation was supposed to be in Long Beach, CA but I’m pretty sure that fun adventure will not be happening due to all the walking it would have entailed. Oh well, can’t win them all….  At least I won’t have the stress of getting home on-time to make my plane.  One thing about trucking that can suck big time is not getting home when you want to… especially when you have stuff planned!!!  Well, that is all for now….  Oh, I’ve also updated my family page (password only) with some music I’ve recorded in the past.  Listen if you dare!  Peace!!!

Here is a cool song I found recently: Fire and Water by David Arkenstone!!!  My kind of adventure music….and sometimes the adventure gets a little bumpy…like getting an injury in the midst!!! :)



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By DJCaladia in Conspiracy

Today, in a casual conversation with other drivers, one of them asked the simple question “Why do we age?”  He said it didn’t make sense because all of our cells constantly regenerate so why do they begin to degenerate?  I debated whether or not to share some ideas or just stay silent.  Oh why did I not just stay silent?  I offered that this is a mystery that science can’t explain, which is true.  I then said there is a theory that our DNA/RNA might be an antenna that receives instructions/coding from the energy field that surrounds us.  That brought laughs…  Someone started saying something about God.  That should have been my cue to leave.  LOL  Apparently, in his view, God does not want you to think deeply about such things.  Hmmm.  I then said something like it is in the realm of science that the government covers up…. along with ideas like the cure for cancer already exists and such.  Another guy said… “Oh, nutcases”.  I then added it is all just theory and I like to study these things.  No one took it any further but I can’t help but wonder why new, interesting and potentially revolutionary ideas are just put in the “nutcase” category rather than contemplated and studied.  I’m always willing to listen 1st and then decide whether the information resonates with me.  I got the feeling that these guys have no problem just accepting the common so-called wisdom about health…they don’t even want to hear revolutionary ideas. All of this doesn’t exactly surprise me.  The same thing happens with 9/11 conspiracy ideas/truths and so many other ideas.  I am an idea person.  I’m always cross correlating ideas on many taboo subjects.  No wonder I stay silent most of the time. No wonder I literally need this little blog to vent some of my ideas.  Hmmm.

The song How Did It Come To This (YT) by Lunatica captures how I’ve felt sometimes being alone in my head studying all these ideas and really feeling the awesome implications yet wondering how we can get to a greater understanding as a collective!!!

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First of all I am purposely keeping my head out of the whole Boston bombings incident!  I know where I can go to get all the conspiracy angles I’d want but I don’t what to know anything…not even the official story.  Even now at this moment I am sitting in a company break room with the news blaring and drivers talking about Boston but I am faced away with ear buds in and they work like ear plugs.  I don’t want to lend my personal energy to all the chatter.  I’m sending my thoughts and energy only in the direction of helping the highest possible good to come out of the events!

Not too long ago I went to see the movie Olympus Has Fallen (Spoiler Alert!) without knowing anything about it and I’ve been continually pondering it for weeks now.  Clearly it paints the North Koreans as terrible enemies to the US.  The scene where they are on the roof of the White House (after taking it in a ground attack), then proceed to take down the US Flag and finally we see it float in slow motion to the ground, really stood out to me.  It reminded me of all the 9/11 movies that have been made on the premise of the “official story” and all the slow motion scenes showing the marines arriving as our saviors. So many valid questions, ideas and theories are overlooked in these depictions and it feels to me that they’d rather you just accept the notions they portray.  (After all, they make them so pretty and lifelike on the movie screen!)  I’m not saying the North Koreans aren’t dangerous but in a time when there are very real problems concerning them a movie like this is not moving us in the direction of peaceful negotiations!  So, fiction or not, I feel like Olympus Has Fallen was put out there to try to make you hate the North Koreans.  Won’t work on me!

I stopped watching TV regularly years ago as a conscious choice to clear my mind (truck driving makes it pretty easy too).  These days I watch what I feel drawn to watch and find what I want on Netflix, YouTube, etc .

The past year or so my focus has turned to health and I’ve become aware of the conspiracies in this arena too.   My personal journey to obtain optimum health has interwoven with this quest for new knowledge and it hasn’t exactly been an easy ride.  I take in a new idea and start to implement it and many times it starts off well then a problem (many times mental) arises.  I then keep adapting, pondering and moving closer to what I hope is a genuine grounded understanding of the issue.  (And for me grounded includes the metaphysical realm!)  When learning about all the specific bad things that the wrong foods and toxins can do to the human organic body I always keep in mind that it is my beliefs about these things that may be the key to the issue.  Mind over matter….hmmmm…. A lot to consider!

Last night I saw the movie Oblivion (Spoiler Alert!!!) in the theater and I enjoyed it.  The plot did involve a conspiracy of course but I didn’t feel the propaganda machine at work this time in any big way thankfully!  Included in the movie was an interesting theme about memories being embedded within our DNA which intrigued me (I’ve come across this idea before) and led my mind to the idea of reincarnation.  One of my favorite spiritual (alien – no  joke – LOL) teachers Bashar explains that reincarnation is not only real but that we each decide on our life theme beforehand and then employ free will while on earth to act it out.  I often have the sense that things are unfolding and falling into place via synchronicities.  When I have one of these moments I pause and say thank you and I’m always asking the Universe for more and more clarification to lead me where I need to be.  (Note: I have, over the years held and deeply pondered atheist, agnostic, Pagan, New Age, Eastern and Christian beliefs.  I am always evolving and doing my very best to stay grounded in reality when it comes to exploring, understanding and implementing beliefs that work for me.   And to this day I do not fall under any specific category of spirituality…I simply follow my heart as best I can!) In the movie Oblivion Tom Cruise’s DNA was replicated, clones were made and memories were altered to serve a negative purpose.  Underneath it all though his true self remained and wanted to come through and eventually does after 60 years of being cloned.  A happy ending occurs for him in this movie and he starts to reintegrate his true self and hmmmm….I drew a correlation to this! Maybe, in my life, a happy ending, by way of comparison, could entail finding and pursuing the theme I chose beforehand, 100%.  Or, in other words, finding and learning to be the real me, underneath it all, and hopefully succeeding in this life span.  Hmmmm….  Well, this is a nice theory anyway….if reincarnation and Bashar’s teachings are true! LOL That will remain for you to decide on your own awesome journey through the crazy landscape of life and ideas!!!

A couple of songs are coming to mind right now based on the theme of this entry:

The first song is Galileo by the Indigo Girls (YouTube link – pretty cool homemade video also).  An old favorite of mine that ponders reincarnation!!!


The second song is Consign to Oblivion by Epica.

This nine minute symphonic metal journey takes us through many ideas that generally call us to look at reality and find a truth going on underneath.  It is one perspective that I, for the most part, can agree with.  You may want to follow along with the lyrics considering some of them are sung and some are growled! LOL  And if you take away what the lyrics are saying the music itself it pretty powerful and well orchestrated too!!!  All and all…and awesome song to me!!!  The last 13 lines of the song kick butt!!!  LOL

Consign to Oblivion by Epica Lyrics

How can we let this happen and
Just keep our eyes closed till the end
The only thing that counts is the prosperity of today
Most important to us is that our bills get paid
Our good intentions have always been delayed
How can we let this happen and
Just keep our eyes closed till the end
When we will stand in front of Heaven’s gate
It will be too late!
Try to unlearn all that you’ve learned
Try to listen to your heart
No, we can’t understand the universe
by just using our mind
We are so afraid of all the things unknown
A must we appease is the need to get laid
Nothing really matters, just devouring our prey
Our good intentions have always been delayed so
Our generous acts have always come too late
We are so afraid of all the things unknown
We just flee into a dream that never comes true
Low low low to the ground we feel safe
Low low low to the ground we feel brave
Oblivisci tempta quod didicisti
Open your eyes; we’re not in paradise
How can’t you see, this stress is killing me
Fulfill your dreams, life is not what it seems
We have captured time
so time made us all hostages without mercy
Seemingly generous fooling ourselves
Selfishly venomous time tells
Too much thinking goes on at the cost of all our intuition
Our thoughts create reality
But we neglect to be!
So we’re already slaves of our artificial world
We shouldn’t try to control life
But listen to the laws of nature
We all think we’re generous
But we only fool ourselves
The only thing that matters is
Our way and our vision
Selfishly we’re venomous
But you know the time tells us
There is more to life than our
Higher positions, race for perfection
Better, faster
We must return to the laws of the nature
Free ourselves from madness


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Not long ago I had an amazing five days off but now I’m back to work for another month!!!

I’ve been really into music lately and discovering some really cool songs!!! Not surprisingly it is the lyrics and essence of these songs that inspire me: I Lose Myself by Erasure, Sugercane by New Order, Right Here With You by Olivia Newton-John, OC Guns by The Offspring (this one is just silly and makes me laugh), Looking Beyond by Patricia Moon Peterson, and Lost Inside by Nemesea!!!

Today I switched gears though and got back into some audio books!!!  I started and finished Steve Martin’s autobiography today called Born Standing Up and that was cool to learn his perspective on his comedy career!!!  Then I started a new book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain and I am blown away already about how much I relate to the description of introvert (yet not the shy kind)!  A few weeks ago  I finished an audio book called The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music by Victor L. Wooten and that one was really amazing…so amazing I gifted a copy to one of my musician friends!!!  It was like learning about the law of attraction through the language of music!  (Note: I have to admit I wouldn’t have the time to listen to all these in such a short period of time if I wasn’t a long haul truck driver!?!)

I also spent some time organizing photos and syncing them to my Picasa Web Albums account.  I have too many photos and short little video clips to share and this seems like a good way to share them all.  I’ll save YouTube for the more dramatic videos!!!

I’ve been pondering all kinds of other things lately…even some conspiracy related stuff but I’ll save those thoughts for the next post!!!





Crazy few days!!!

March 26, 2013
By DJCaladia in Music, Plant Based Diet, Trucking

I have been driving my butt off the last few days!!! LOL  Not a bad thing but I’m glad for my little break tonight.  Somehow I managed to get out of a 2:00 am p/u of a hot load and here I am with some extra time to chill!!! :)

Today my fast paced drive up US395 to Reno, NV was very enjoyable considering the music I discovered. Listening on Spotify I especially enjoyed the Freedom Call album Legend of the Shadowking. My three top songs I replayed over and over were Merlin – Legend of the Past (YT), Under The Spell Of The Moon (YT) and Remember!(YT).  I also bonded with Jann Arden’s self titled album and my favorites on that were Where No One Knows Me (YT)(<—seriously cool song), Willing To Fall Down (YT), Life is Sweet, How Good Things Are and the sensual Rock This Girl.  (Note: If for some reason it was made a rule to ban the listening of music while you drive a CMV I’d be very upset!!!)

The other night I had some crazy synchronicity happen.  Earlier that same day I had shot a couple of videos to share but I was troubled by my weight.  I try not to stress too much about it because I know my days out here are limited so there will be time later to get a good healthy routine going.  But in my heightened awareness about it that day something was brewing!!!  A few trucking events arose that could have easily inspired negative emotion but I totally kept a positive attitude.   From searching the yard for an empty, to having to drive 30 miles to and from a place to get one, to arriving late to the shipper, to the new trailer having damage that required an immediate trip to the truck stop, to that leading to sitting at the truck stop for several hours waiting.  I had wondered why I chose to go to the truck stop that night when I could have waited till morn to get fixed up at my yard.  Something just told me to go get it done so there I was sitting in the driver’s seat wondering what to watch on Netflix while I waited.  I’ve been watching Lost but it was not doing it for me at the moment.  Then I tried a romance but that didn’t do it either.  All of a sudden I noticed a suggested movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I hesitantly began to watch it.


At first it seemed like a rehash of things I already knew but then it took an unexpected twist that dropped my jaw!!!  In the middle of the darn movie Joe visits a truck stop and finds an overweight guy getting out of a Knight truck.  That was intriguing enough but then the second half of the movie focuses on the Knight driver and his transformation back to health.  My attention was 100% when all this transpired and the message was something I needed to get.  Even now I shake my head at how this day developed and ended with this very interesting personal synchronicity!!!  It pays well when I stay positive, listen to my gut and go with the flow!!!

Ok, well this little blog entry has about wiped me out so I’m going to call it a night and maybe find another synchronicity on Netflix to wind me down!!! Peace!!!



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By DJCaladia in Life, Music

I am having one of those nights where I am reminiscing all the happy and sad memories of my life.  I don’t do this very often but this evening I was drawn to watch some old videos I’ve made over the years of my family.  To say I shed a few tears would be an understatement.  So much has changed since these videos were made I found myself really amazed at how each family member has changed.  For the better I wish all the changes were but that would not be true.  But whether better or worse each of us is still on our own unique path to find happiness.  (You can access my family videos if you know the city in South Carolina my family lived in.)

I don’t really speak very much to my extended family or even many of my old friends.  I’ve often pondered why that is and one reason I can come up with is due to my sensitivity.  I am so sensitive I think I’ve put some kind of wall around me to protect me from the past.  For the most part I don’t let myself think of the past.  The different life phases I’ve been through might as well be considered past lives in my heart to some extent.  It’s not like they were terrible though.  That would be a reason not to remember.  Maybe when I do remember, the old feelings of the time rush back and cause me to feel it all again in a way that is too real?  I dunno but this issue of mine really showed itself when I used to be on Facebook.  At first it was fun finding old friends and such but then I didn’t know what to say to them and vise versa.  It was weird.  Then I would find people I used to know and I was afraid to friend them because of the potential old memories it might reopen.  The bottom line was I couldn’t be myself on Facebook with so many watchers that knew me in different phases of my life.  I can’t explain this well enough but even as I write this I almost can’t handle all the memories that are flooding me at the moment.

So even though I’m sensitive in this way I have been able to use it in creative ways.  For instance my sensitivity to music and lyrics has provided me with a gift of finding the right song based on sentiment for different occasions.  My two radio stations are perfect examples of me using this ability.  I’m also good at extracting meaningful highlights of the past and packaging them in meaningful ways such as in my family videos and some other projects I’ve done.

My sensitivity also translates into me being psychic a bit.  I get flashes of images, ideas, songs and blocks of knowing. On more than one occasion in my past I’ve been accused of being a mind reader so I’ve learned instead to play dumb for the most part.  In many ways I think truck driving has been a shelter for me, protecting me from too many interactions with people.  I’ve been working on this though for some time and I am dealing with all this better and better as I grow.  None of this has caused me any serious problems!!!

So now that I’ve shared some of my soul I want to dedicate this song called Fading Lights by Genesis to this entry about the past.  I was in high school when I first bonded with this album and one time I played Fading Lights in Pizza Hut from their jukebox after one of our softball games.  I explained to my teammates how important the song was to me with great emotion and detail.  To this day this song has not diminished in value to my soul.  If anything, it is now multiplied by 10 at least in the potency of the message.  Enjoy!!!

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